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The Founder

Francesco Musella is an attorney specializing in Industrial and Intellectual Property, with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder of the law firm Musella IP Law.
He is a contract professor in Fashion and Design Law at the University of Naples “Federico II” and holds a PhD in the field of the right of economic initiative in light of competition law.

He also holds a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property, Competition and Communications Law from the “LUISS Guido Carli” University in Rome.

He regularly teaches university courses on Intellectual Property and is an active speaker at conferences in the sector.

How our legal advice works

Musella IP Law is a law firm specializing in intellectual property law with offices in Roma and Napoli.

The firm provides legal advice and defense in all areas of intellectual property with focus on trademarks where, for the total number of annual filings, it has been for years in among the top in national level.

With an experienced team of internal professionals and an articulated network of prestigious foreign correspondents, it guarantees high quality standards at every stage, including national and international registration and protection of trademarks, patents, design, and copyright

The companies that work with Musella IP Law Firm obtain protection for their intangible assets, both in the start-up and in the internationalization phase, through enforcement and consolidation of industrial property titles to respond to the increasingly aggressive counterfeiting activity from the competitive global market.

The ability to identify original and creative solutions to issues is one of the qualities most appreciated by the Firm’s clients.

A dynamic internal organization allows you to follow all the practices with the extreme attention and in-depth analysis, guaranteeing the customer to benefit from an exhaustive, punctual, and rapid legal advice service, the result of a team activity and a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the various reference sectors. All our professionals, in fact, guarantee high quality standards and the efficiency necessary to solve all problems in a timely manner and in line with the latest innovations in the IP field, including topics related to artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the prevailing international nature of the business issues dealt with means that the Musella IP Law Firm collaborates with the most important international firms in the sector.

The firm’s mission is to offer specialized legal advice in a global context to create relationships based on trust and professional interactions, managing customer requests with punctuality and speed. And in fact, the timeliness of the activities provided by the Firm often represents the discriminating element for the purposes of effective protection of rights in the context of the Intellectual Property system.

Atty. Francesco Musella

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