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Intellectual property

Intellectual property indicates a system of legal protection of intangible assets resulting from the creative and inventive activity of a person, such as artistic and literary works, industrial inventions and utility models, design, and trademarks.

Intangible assets are protected by specific intellectual property rights recognized by different national legal systems. The protection provided by these regulations are numerous and serve to enhance and preserve the value of the products or services placed on the market to guarantee the full commercial development of companies.

Why you need to register a trademark?

Trademark’s registration confers on the applicant the exclusive right on a given sign, producing its effects from the filing date of the application, with the possibility of repeated renewals by the owner of the trademark or his successor in title at each registration deadline.

Registering your trademark means being able to prevent third parties from unauthorized use of the trademark in the territory where protection was sought. In this way, trademark registration supports the marketing strategy of companies by creating a unique link between them and the recipients of the products or services placed on the market.

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