Alfa Romeo “Tonale” with NFT System: Production Starts in Naples

The new SUV from Stellantis Group is the world’s first car connected to a digital NFT certificate, a groundbreaking innovation in the automotive industry.

The term NFT, Non-Fungible Token, refers to a digital product created on the internet that certifies its authenticity, non-reproducibility, and non-interchangeability. It utilizes blockchain technology, a shared and immutable digital ledger designed to ensure traceability of transfers and the verifiability and transparency of any unique and non-reproducible product found on the internet.

This digital tool will serve as a kind of digital vehicle logbook, storing and recording the vehicle’s life data. It will be used to ensure the proper maintenance of the vehicle, thereby supporting its residual value. Such NFT certification will provide a source of credibility that owners, dealerships, and buyers can rely on in the used car market.

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