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Knowing how to move in the field of intellectual property protection, where legislation is vast and constantly evolving, requires great preparation, considerable experience, and constant research.

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Trademark is a sign that distinguishes the products or services of a company, associating their quality standards, from those of other companies.

Therefore, the trademark is the tool that allows consumers not to fall into confusion about the entrepreneurial origin of certain goods or services.


Patent rights for industrial inventions consist of the exclusive right to implement the invention and profit from it in a specific national territory, within the limits and under the conditions provided for by the laws of the State in which it was filed.

Patent, therefore, is a title by virtue of which the owner is granted a temporary monopoly of exploitation of an invention, for a limited period, consisting of the exclusive right to make it, dispose of it and make a commercial use of it, prohibiting such activities for other unauthorized subjects.


Designs and models are defined as the appearance of a product or a part of it which results in a particular from: contours, colors, shape, surface, structure and / or materials of the product itself and / or of its ornament.

The protection of a design or a model therefore refers to the aesthetic aspect of a product: with the design, the design is protected, with the model the shape.


Copyright is the set of rights that the law recognizes to protect intellectual works of a creative nature, and which are both moral and property rights.

Copyright guarantees the recognition of an author’s intellectual property and, in this way, guarantees and protects the exclusive rights for commercial exploitation, disclosure, reproduction or edition of the work, as well as related rights.

The principle whereby protection involves all elements of creation, including those of an artistic genre that is different from the original work.

Domain name

Domain name or host name is the alphabetical address of a “website”, that is, a virtual place located on the Internet. Each computer connected to the Internet is automatically assigned an IP address (internet protocol address) made up of numbers.

It is evident that ensuring a good domain name, easy to memorize, increases the number of views of your site, for this reason it is also essential to protect it once it has been obtained and to maintain it through punctual payment at each deadline for the renewal.

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