Legal Services

Legal assistance

We assure extensive experience in intellectual property litigation especially in the field of trademark protection.

Our area of ​​activity ranges from urgent proceedings to ordinary judgments, both before national courts and before the EU and international jurisdictions thanks to a dense network of collaborations around the world

Oppositions and Surveillance Services

We protect our customers’ brands through Surveillance Services that allow us to be promptly notified of any deposits made by third parties in violation of their exclusive rights.

We also take care of the protection phase in the administrative office at UIBM – Italian Patent and Trademark Office – EUIPO – European Union Office for Intellectual Property – and before the foreign offices through our trusted correspondents.

Extrajudicial and contractual consultancy

We respond quickly to requests by providing practical and decisive legal advice, contractual assistance, and support in negotiations.

We prepare licensing and transfer agreements for trademarks, patents, know-how, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements (NDA) and we protect the know-how of companies by drafting the appropriate internal company policies and procedures relating to employees, customers, suppliers.

Brand Naming and Priority Searches

We support companies in the process that leads to the creation and choice of a brand name.

Creativity in this case is essential, but a rigorous strategy is essential and must ensure a free brand name at a legal level, pronounceable, exportable, memorable and in line with the company’s values ​​and positioning.

Proceeding with a prior art search is useful in preventing the frustration of economic efforts that are in vain for the entrepreneur.

Intellectual Property Funding and Internationalization

IP Funding refers to the possibility of identifying the main funding opportunities through regional, national, and European calls, to build and develop the intellectual property portfolio.

We assist companies in the internationalization of their business to use their ideas even far from the territory of origin, developing partnership strategies to negotiate international contracts (sales, licensing, franchising, joint ventures).

Surveillance and Customs Actions

We carry out customs intervention activities for goods suspected of violating intellectual property rights both nationally and in Europe.

Customs surveillance assumes a very important role as a preventive protection tool and against counterfeiting, preventing non-original goods or goods characterized by counterfeit brands from entering in the national and / or community territory.

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